About us


Here in Orchid's Orchard, we sell hand-made jewellery, accessories and ornaments that are made with love and blessings. Dragoness' Fantasia is my section for spelled and spirited items, please take it with an open mind.

I work with my mother to bring you our creations. My mother has immense interest in crocheting, knitting, knotting and lately she has been finding new interest in beading. I work with wires, pliers, findings, and bits and bobs - my mother calls them 'hardware'. My mother and I live in different countries, this store brings us much closer as we collaborate and show our different strengths and passions in our creations.

I am also a practising witch and conjurer and I don't particularly follow any religion. I learn and absorb and make use of everything I've come to know. I work especially well with dragons and creatures. As a dragon caller and a conjurer, I am good at what I can do. Spell-casting and other services are other things I can offer; and I specialise in cleansing and healing/calming/soothing for both entities and spirits - both spells and energy work. Materials I work extensively includes all kinds of gemstones, crystals, minerals, and candles; and I love hand-crafting. On top of these I have over 2 decades of Tarot reading experience.

I am very lucky to have found like-minded friends all over different places and have somewhat gained myself some confidence and above all, real friendship and trust. I am Orchid Dragoness when working with magic and hence the section Dragoness' Fantasia.

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Thank you and please enjoy your visit =)

Yours sincerely,